In my blood.

I remember when I was younger my grandpa would take off on his golfing trips during the spring season. He’d take his 80-something year old body and travel to who-knows-where and golf like nobody’s business. He really wanted me to follow in his footsteps and I could tell by the money he spent on new clubs, golfing gloves, and putt-putt outings with me.

When I was 7 or 8, my class was going on a putt-putting field trip and I remember thinking, “okay, I’ve got my clubs, I’ve got my gloves, and I’m related to Grandpa so I’m going to be SO GOOD AT THIS.”

I believed that because I was related to this amazing, spry, golf club wielding man, I’d be the best tiny putt-putter out there.

Thinking back, I can only imagine how many eyes were rolled when little, tiny me lugged my golf clubs and golfing gloves on a 2nd grade putt-putt field trip but it’s still such a sweet story and it makes me think of my relationship with Jesus.

I had total faith in my grandpa’s ability to golf like an absolute pro. In my 2nd grade mind, I thought he was famous and I considered myself to be so lucky (and cool) to be his granddaughter. I totally believed that because I was related to him, I’d reap all the benefits of who he was. I believed that his talents were my talents and that his abilities were my abilities.

Because we shared bloodlines, we shared ability. That’s what I believed.

I think about Jesus the same way.

Tomorrow, we celebrate Easter, the best holiday in the entire world as far as I’m concerned. The Savior, the Son of God, the Beginning and End of all things, descended onto a chaotic, horrifying, dilapidated world and chose to be sacrificed to end the reign of sin.

Hanging on a cross, beaten, broken, mocked, shamed, and completely crushed with sin, He chose to die the death that I was worthy of. He chose to die a death so that I could be born again into His family and so that finally, we could share bloodlines.

In this bloodline are abilities that I alone could never have.

Salvation. Healing. Supernatural peace. Supernatural joy. Real, true, Godly love. Forgiveness. Provision. Security. Comfort. True rest.

I am so thankful that I am blood-bought and redeemed. I am so thankful that I can rest in my salvation and in my bloodline with Jesus Christ, the Savior of us all. I’m so thankful for Easter and what it stands for.

I hope that within you, in your deepest self, you realize at what cost your salvation was bought. I hope that you recognize the gravity of the choice made by Christ to die for you. And I hope you take joy in this – that on the third day, He rose again, triumphant, joyful, full of absolute GLORY. And you rose again with Him.

What a glorious day.

So, this Easter take a little moment to think on Jesus and to thank Him. And maybe get some putt-putting in while you’re at it.

Happy, happy, happy Easter.

[Featured Image by Milos Tonchevski on Unsplash]


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