Good morning on this Wednesday in the middle of December! If I were in the classroom right now, I’d have you all repeat after me, “I am loved, I am special, I am kind, and I am respecful!” and then make you dance around with me to Happy by Pharrell Williams, but since we aren’t in the classroom and I’m not your teacher, I’ll just do this:

Hey, reader, you are loved. Today is the day for you to realize that.

I was talking with a friend about healing the other day. I’ve had to wear glasses since I was in the 3rd grade and I’ve always wanted to be healed from that. I’ve always desired to have 20/20 vision so since the day I got glasses, I’ve just kinda trusted God that one day, I’d be able to see without them.

At one of my first eye appointments, my eye doctor told me that my eyesight would just continue to get worse until I went blind. That day, as a little 8 year old, I internally said “Nope. Not happening.” and every single eye appointment has given me a better report than the last. Instead of deteriorating, my eyes are gradually getting better and better and my optometrists sometimes get so confused by the results that they make me retake the eye exams they give me. I love it.

But that’s not what I’m writing about today. My friend was explaining to me that when The Word says that we are healed, it means that right now, even if you don’t see your healing manifested in your body, you are still healed. Jesus still bought healing for you with the stripes on His back. Healing is now. Not in the future.

Sidenote: Now listen, I don’t know what everyone who reads my blogs believes about healing or God’s will for the health of my body, but I’m choosing to believe that when Isaiah 53:5 says, “by His stripes we are healed” and when 1 Peter 2:24 says, “who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness – by whose stripes you were healed”, it means that I currently am healed and can believe God through any sickness that might try to come upon me. So when my friend said that, I understood. I got it. I am healed RIGHT NOW.

But then it made me think about all the times that I didn’t believe the same thing about God’s love for me. His word says over and over and over that He loves me. The reason He even sent a savior was because He loved me.

So then why do I question it so much? Why do WE question it so much?

I know that sometimes talking about how much Jesus loves you can sometimes turn into a “Hallmark Christian cliche”. We all know the little kids’ tune “Jesus loves me, this I know” and we all memorized John 3:16 at VBS as 6 year olds.


Do you actually know it? Do you actually know that His mercy is abounding and that every single morning, His mercy for you is new? That He forgave you of all your sins before you even committed them and He’s just waiting for you to accept Him as your savior and accept His forgiveness? That He asks obedience from you so that you can abide in Him and spend time with Him and stay in constant communion with Him? All because He loves you?

Think about the person that you love the most. A person that “gets” you. That you know would sacrifice anything for you and vice versa. Someone who, out of all the people in this world, you would want to spend time with. You’d want to visit that new restaurant with. You’d want to see that new movie with. You’d want to share that funny, sad, or crazy story with. Someone you’d want to stick with even in the uncomfortable times. We all have that person. Or even that ideal of a person.

That’s how He feels about you. He wants to share His eternal, merciful, righteous life with you. He deeply desires to know how your brain works and how your heart reacts to every situation. He desires for you to let Him in, to let Him take over, and love you so deeply that you never doubt His love again.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your life is like. He loves you.

He loves you as a high school student who got wrapped up in the wrong crowd, doing the wrong things, hiding from your insecurities.

He loves you as a new mom who doesn’t think she’s cut out for taking care of a tiny, breathing, screaming human.

He loves you as a man who has sinned and sinned again and feels like you’re stuck in some sort of a cycle of addiction or even just pain inflicted by your own actions.

He loves you as that woman who has struggled with doubt. Who has struggled with uncertainty.

He loves even the prisoners in cells, the sinners, the broken, the lost. He LOVES.

He would say to all of us, “go and sin no more,” as he said to the adulterous woman and yet He would love us just the same.

You, dear reader, are LOVED and He is calling you to salvation. He is calling you to Himself. His love is not a conditional thing and it doesn’t take place in the future. You won’t be loved when you do this certain thing. You are loved RIGHT NOW.

I desperately hope you understand that. And if you don’t, hit me up. I’ve got plenty of scriptures to help you out.

Happy Wednesday. Be loved.


[Featured Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash]

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