Happy one year anniversary to my sweet Grandma up in Heaven! What a glorious day to acknowledge the eternity she gets to spend in the presence of the Savior of her soul.

Most of you never met Wanda. If you did, you probably would’ve described her as “sweet” and as someone who “never had a problem with anyone”.

She wasn’t an especially sassy woman, not notable for her sassy comebacks or jokes. She didn’t win awards for things that she did. I don’t think she ever really entered in any contests anyways.

I wanted to write about what made her truly a lovable, wonderful person and I realized that her quiet support and her dedication to her family was what is most notable about her.

I remember how often I’d ride with her to go to the gallery to look at some of my grandpa’s art. How their basement was a huge room that he used as a workspace for his paintings. While he painted, my grandma cleaned or cooked. While he wrote books and illustrated, she balanced the checkbook and made sure bills were paid. When he went away on his social trips to hunt or golf, she stayed home and took care of the house.

She was this silent caregiver that allowed my grandpa to shine. When he passed away, she turned to her grandkids.

She did her best to come to any performance of mine, my brother’s football games, and never failed to invite her great granddaughter over to play.

My grandma was never in the spotlight but it was like she was the one running the lights, directing where the attention fell. She was so caring and hospitable. She was so prayerful.

I believe that even on the day she passed away, she was thinking of everyone else but herself. She died shortly after I arrived at the hospital and I truly believe she was waiting for me to be able to say goodbye because she knew I’d need that.

She was incredible. Not for the headline bearing life she lived, because that wasn’t her goal. But for the quiet sense of support she gave and for the love she proved through prayer and her time.

So on this one year anniversary of her time with Jesus, I just wanted to thank all of you for your quiet support whether that be by sitting with me when I was struggling, pushing me to be a better me, or even just reading my posts. I really can’t thank my family, friends, or Jesus enough for the love I’ve experienced through this whole wild year.

I hope to be a source of support and love to those around me, like my grandma was; always praying and always loving.

Happy one year, Grandma! Here’s to eternity.


[Featured Image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash]

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